The evaluation cookbook  Edited by Jen Harvey – published 1998 – click for open source version of cookbook “When the cook tastes the soup it is formative evaluation; when the dinner guests tastes the soup it is summative evaluation” This edited volume contains contributions from a wide range of academics on the subject of evaluation […]

Beyond the Ipad:   I came across an article posted by teach magazine on Twitter today wherein Mike Elliott argues the case for the Ipad as a top learning tool. In this post I will discuss my thoughts on the IPad and attempt to justify my beyond the Ipad blog title – hopefully before someone decides using […]

Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: As I discussed in the why I write section, part of the rationale behind blogging is to share information about what is out there in the digital ether and to help make teachers (myself included) more aware of the possibilities tech and IT can afford students. One of the reasons why this […]

Class Dojo About myself This post is partly about a nice piece of software, Class Dojo, and partly about the speed and power of teacher-to-teacher sharing of neat ideas writ digital. Teachers are seem naturally collaborative, there must be something in the water at the training universities, and since time began (I presume) have shared […]